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The Awesome Affordable Eyeliner That No One Talks About

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

bourjois contour clubbing eyeliner

When I hear bloggers talk about the best affordable eyeliners usually they say the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Liners. And you know what they are pretty great. I’ve a couple of these and really like them. However, I bought one of the Bourjois Contour Clubbing Eyeliners on a whim. I don’t think I’d read a review or really heard much about these. But they turned out to be awesome!

I picked the shade Up And Brown and it’s lovely. Warm, wearable and a light shimmer. Right up my street. I love how richly pigmented it is. It is dense and packed a lovely chocolately brown punch at the lash line. Applying it is also pretty easy. You can just push it into the lash line and leave as is for a strong liner look. Or you can blend it out for a subtle smudgey look or a more smokey eye. It was so creamy that blending is a joy.

bourjois contour clubbing eyeliner
What makes this liner stand out most to me is the lasting power. Considering the name has the word “clubbing” in it I was expecting it to be longwearing and hold up in humid, messy times. And it really does. After swatching it on my arm it wouldn’t come off. It’s one of those liners that once it sets your safe. It isn’t going anywhere.

Of course, being Bourjois, these liners are very affordable – €6.49. They certainly tick all of the eyeliner boxes for me. Long lasting, great colours, amazing pay off. I think these are the best affordable eyeliners out there. So good!

Have you tried these liners? What do you think?

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