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The Current Makeup Staples

Sunday, 15 March 2015

current makeup staples
Most days I change up some of the products I use in my makeup routine. Maybe a different bronzer, a nude lip instead of pink or do a cateye. However, day after day, no matter my mood, I do find myself reaching for certain products over and over again. Whether I truly love them or I'm just giving them a good test, they become staples in my daily routine. So let's take a peak into what are my makeup staples of the moment.

For the skin, I have been adoring my Dior Nude BB Creme - €42.90. This is one of my favourite bases. It's got coverage but it's still light and let's my freckles shine through. I honestly can't even be bothered to use any of my other bases as nothing else compares right now. My only issue is the shade range. Even the lightest shade is a little dark for me. I have to do some serious blending. So come on Dior! Get your shades in order, OK? The Clarins Instant Concealer - €24 is still a must for me also. I do use it on top of a more heavy duty corrector like the Bobbi Brown one as it doesn't fully cover my dark circles. But I find this just makes me look awake and fresh. I also love the packaging. It's just an overall gorgeous product.

For the eyes I have two L'Oreal products. One is a true fav and the other... well I'm not sure yet. The first is the L'Oreal Color Riche Mono Shadows - €8.99. These are some of the best affordable shadows out there in my opinion. I have four shades and the colour 200 All Over Taupe has become my everyday go to. It's more of a mid toned, warmer brown than a taupe but it's just a perfect all over the lid shade. I'm also testing out the ubiquitous L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara - €16.49 and I'm uncertain about it. It separates well but I don't think it's as lengthening as I'd like. But I'll give it a fair shot and see how I get on.

Although I'd say this is more of a "when I'm bothered" product rather than an everyday must, I thought I'd talk about it anyway. It's the Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush in Cherub - €20.74. Ugh, I love this stuff. I think it's the most natural blush I own that just looks like the perfect flush. It's just so good. Finally, my go to lip product has been the Kiko pH Lip Enhancer - €6.90. Part lip balm, part sheer lip stick. This supposedly reacts to your body and forms a unique colour. I do really like the hue as it's a natural, barely there pink. And it really does moisturise. It's just a great one for throwing in the my handbag and popping on during the day.

Have you tried any of my current makeup staples? What did you think?

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