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The Five Product Face (That Looks Like I Made An Effort)

Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Five Product Face

I'm a big fan of a minimal face. But at the same time I like to look like I've put some effort into my makeup. I think one of the best ways to imply effort on my part without actually putting any in is a red lip. You can just slap it on and immediately look put together and stylish. So, today I am going to talk you through this look and awesomely, there is only five products.

First step. I skip the foundation. I have pretty decent skin apart from some severe, dark under eye circles and a sometimes hormonal angry chin. So in lieu of foundation, I pile on the concealer. Once again, it's the Clarins Instant Concealer that I reach for. I love this stuff. It doesn't cover everything but it does the trick and leaves a natural look. I use the lightest shade, which is a little dark for me but I make it work. It's just a good one for looking fresh and light.

The Five Product Face
I also just used one product on the cheek from the Stila Convertable Colour Palette. This palette was limited edition (I think) and they have since released a better one but I still love this. I used the center colour called Gerbera which is a great natural flush colour. Being a cream, it also melts into the skin to give a barely there look that is just my thing.

Eyebrows are done courtesy of the Kiko Precison Brow Pencil in the shade 01 Brunettes. This is great for getting quick, full eyebrows in a few strokes. Also the shade is a great match for me as it is such a cool, greyish hue. On my eyes there is nothing except mascara. I used the Revlon Lash Potion, which I am indifferent to. In fact, right now I am struggling to find a good, lengthening mascara. So if you have any recommendations, let me know!

Of course the star of the show is the lips.  And I used my all time favourite red from the Bourjois Edition Velvet range. It's called Personne ne Rouge and it's just a gorgeous colour and gorgeous formula. Vibrant, non-drying and long wearing - it's so good!

So that's my secret to looking like I made an effort. It's simple, quick but I think looks polished. What tricks do you use to look put together? 

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