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The Max Factor Blushes That Everyone Is Talking About

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

max factor creme puff blushes
The Max Factor Creme Puff Blushes seem to be the product of the moment. Everyone is giving these newly released blushes glowing reviews. Naturally, of course, I had to have them. I held back and reservedly only bought one shade. I eagerly tested it out and I have to say believe what you have read! These are gloriously gorgeous.

The obvious draw to these is how beautiful they look. They are a stunning, marbled swirl of two shades that mix together. They definitely take a cue from the Hourglass Ambient Light blushes. And a budget version is welcomed by me as those are pretty expensive. When I went to buy these I have to say I struggled with what shade to choose. There are six in the range and each of them is equally stunning. I finally decided to pick a mid toned peachy, pink shade called Seductive Pink, which offers a lovely, natural flush.

Looks aside, it's the formula that is the real winner. Although they are baked blushes, they feel so creamy and just blend effortlessly into the cheeks. I usually prefer cream blushes but this is a great hybrid between powder and cream. My favourite aspect is that they are glowy without being shimmery. They have this illuminating quality that livens up my cheeks and makes me look perky without being glittery. They really are a perfect mix between a blush and a subtle highlighter.

Ever since I bought this blush I can't stop wearing it. I really think they are some of the best affordable blushes around. I can't fault them. If you are a blush lover, definitely get these. You won't be disappointed!

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