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What Makes A Good Blog (To Me)

Sunday, 22 March 2015

I'm not sure I'm qualified to write a post like this. My blog is small and I'm still not certain what I should be doing. But, I'm going to do it anyway. I read Bloomin' Rouge's post on the subject of what she likes to see in a blog and realized that there are certain things that make me want to read and follow a blog too. Whether it's the style, layout or content, I think there are characteristics that draw a reader in. Here are some of my personal blog musts.

Big, Bright Photos
This is a lesson I had to learn myself. I use to only put tiny, dark images on my blog. Mainly because I was inexperienced in taking pictures and I was uncertain about what looked best. I've since learned the value of light, positioning and how photo editing tools are the freakin' best thing ever. Now I realize how attractive large, bright pictures are. It's what lures me in, makes me want to click on a post and read. I think no matter what else, pictures are the most important aspect to get right. Focus on this and your blog will look great.

For me, it's Disqus or go home! I always appreciate when a blogger has Disqus installed. It's just so easy. I also am a little annoyed when I land on a blog and I have to fill out information to comment. It's just not fun when you are hopping from blog to blog. With Disqus you only have to log in once. It's also so easy to keep track of comments that you get as well as replies. It's a big plus for me.

Concise Writing & Paragraphs
I find when I go to a blog with long, rambling paragraphs it's a bit of a turn off. It's daunting to see a massive chunk of overwritten text with no breaks or breathing space. I find it much more attractive to have short, concise paragraphs that are just a few lines. I'm much more likely to give it a read and I think others are too.

A Consistent Theme
When I first started my blog my main focus was beauty but I would often throw up a post about something else like cooking, pictures of my day or something else random. Usually they wouldn't do as well as my other posts. After thinking about it, it makes sense. When I subscribe to a blog it's usually because it appeals to that hobby and when I see other content that isn't about that, I am less likely to read. Some people do transition between topics really well but mostly I think, especially when starting out, stick to a particular theme, to get people reading.

Of course, this is just what I think and what do I know?! What I think is de riguer (fancy word, eh?) may not be your kind of thing. In the eternally wise words of Amy Poehler "Good for you, not for me."

What do you think makes a good blog? I'd love some insight into what other bloggers think.

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