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Amazing Cosmetics Concealer

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Not to be overly dramatic but I have REALLY bad dark circles under my eyes. I've had them all my life and after testing a myriad of concealers, I realized nothing was going to stop people saying "Oh god, you look so tired" or "Do you feel okay? You don't look well." However, Something recently peaked my interest. The lovely Becca at The Beauty Inbox talked about a new concealer she tried that she said banished her dark circles - The Amazing Cosmetics Concealer and I had to try it.

Lets first say that the tube you get is tiny. Like teeny tiny. I actually giggled when I received it from Cult Beauty because it was in a ridiculously oversized box You get 6ml for almost £20, which is quite expensive, but hey if it works I'm happy! Plus it's one of those concealers that you only need a small amount and it can be applied both under eyes and on blemishes so I'm sure I'll get my money's worth. But enough small talk. Is this concealer as awesome as I hoped? Well yes! And (kinda) no. 

When I first applied it I was so happy! It covered my dark circles really well and it looked surprisingly natural and not cakey. And when compared with my non-concealed eye, the difference was amazing. It is the type of formula that takes a while to blend in but once you do it looks flawless on the skin. I actually found it looks better with another creamier concealer blended on top as it makes it a little easier to work with and amps up the coverage. It's just what I am looking for in a concealer. 

My only gripe is the lasting time. It claims to be long-wearing but by lunch time, I found that it had completely faded away and I needed to reapply. Even with a powder, it didn't seem to stick around for as long as I would want. But considering concealer seems to disappear on my face, maybe I shouldn't hold it against this stuff. Oh and the matching brush! I impulse bought it and it's just meh... In fact, the product works much better blended with fingers. So don't bother with that. 

In reality, nothing is ever going to completely banish my dark circles. However, this stuff is the closest I've gotten so far. It's a lovely concealer that covers almost everything in a natural looking way. It's definitely a new favourite and if you struggle with dark circles I would really recommend giving it a go. It's pretty good stuff!

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