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Burberry Lip Cover In English Rose

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Even though this is my first Burberry beauty product, I always suspected it was a brand that I would click with. Lots of taupes and browns, sheer washes of colour, dewy glowiness... oohhh baby, that's the stuff. Unfortunately, our love affair was stifled by the fact that their products are a little difficult to get your hands on in Ireland. However, recently Boots started to stock some Burberry cosmetics and I finally got my mitts on one of their beautiful Lip Cover Lipsticks.

Buying lipsticks online can be a bit hit and miss especially nudes as I find a lot of nude shades don't suit me. So I did some vigorous research about which shade to buy. I ended up going for No. 23 English Rose, a rosy muave with a slight brown undertone. I think it's not too far away from a Kylie Jenner-esq shade but, of course, much more soft, sheer and pared down. And I love it. I actually recently lost my Mac Patisserie (please leave your condolences in the comments below) and this is a perfect replacement. The shade is just my style and suits my pale complexion with aplomb.

The formula is equally lovely. Light, moisturising, and surprisingly sticks around for a good few hours considering how creamy it is. It's also not too shimmery or flat on the lips. It's just a glowy lipstick that looks sophisticated and perfect for daytime and evening too. And let's not forget the packaging. Heavy, magnetic, embossed with the Burberry check, it's a stunner. The downside... hmmm... maybe the smell. They are a bit old lady perfume-ish but it's not strong so I'll let this one slide. 

As you can tell I can't get enough of this lipstick. I'm really impressed. And the best part is that it's only €15 from Boots! I think it's a pricing mistake as the rest of the range is a lot more expensive but I ain't complaining! So if you want one, I say grab it now because these are pretty special in my opinion. 

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