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Illamasqua Vintage Metallix Cream Shadows

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Hands down Illamasqua are one of my personal favourite makeup brands. Their contour and highlighter are amazing and I've never tried a product from them that I didn't like. Excitingly, they released a collection of cream eyeshadows (a particular weakness of mine) called Vintage Metallix and I decided to get one to see if it was as amazing as I'd hoped.

The Vintage Metallix collection has three shades. I went for the most "me" hue called Embellish - a mid-toned to warmish brown with gold flecks of glitter. There is also a gorgeous nude shade called Courtier, that looks like a perfect everyday staple and a rich green called Bibelot, that looks amazing but a little too far out of my bland comfort zone.

As I suspected that quality of this shadow is top notch. It's a cream-gel texture that blends effortlessly over the lids. And once it sets it doesn't budge. It's definitely got that long-wear thing down. I also love that the shade I bought is just a perfect one product, all over the lid and you're done kinda thing. But it's also a great one for using as a base to make powder shadows pop.

I do have to mention that I was expecting this to be more of a daytime shadow but for me it's a bit too glittery for that. Even when used sparingly and sheered out it does pack quite the glitter punch. Which although gorgeous, for boring old me it's much more of an evening shade.

I adore this little pot of cream shadow goodness. It's just a lovely formula that is spot on. I'm even considering buying the nude shade and I hope they expand the collection. Cream shadow lovers take note, this one is a good'un.

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