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The 5 Best Free Tools For Editing Blog Images

Sunday, 5 April 2015

The 5 Best Free Tools For Editing Blog Images
The thought of having to take pictures without a photo editing tool is a nightmare to me. I'm not the best photographer and I find photo editing tools have the potential to turn a mediocre dark image into something beautiful. Amazingly, photo editing software is so easily available now and even better it's free! I'm going to share my five favourite free photo tools so you can make your images that little bit more pretty.

Let's begin with the one I use most frequently - Paint.net. I really like this as it has pretty much anything a blogger would want when altering photos. You can do simple things like change brightness or apply some basic filters and you can dig a little deeper and do some more complex stuff. I also like that you can download it so it's easily accessible.

Pixlr is a photo editing website that offers a few features. They have a pretty comprehensive photo editing site that is similar to Paint.net and is great for more advanced picture editing. They also have Pixlr Express which can be used online or on your phone, which I love. It's perfect for creating collages, quick changes and is great for beginners or avid Instagramers.

Fhotoroom was once my go to photo editor of choice. I've since moved on but I still think it's great for those looking to learn about editing their pictures. It thought me a lot of basic skills that really have improved my images. If you are trying to get better but don't know where to start, this is a great place to start.

Adobe Express
If you are an absolute beginner or just want an effortless editor, I think Adobe Express is a great option. Changing brightness, contrast and adding a filter is as straightforward as you are going to get. I find I use it when I only want to do a little tweak to my images. It's actually a good choice for most bloggers as it just gets the job done without much fuss.

This is something a little different but I thought I'd mention Canva as I love it so much. It's not a photo editor. Instead it's basic graphic design for newbies. You can create headers, posters, social media images and whatever else you want in just a few clicks. And it looks so professional. I actually even use if for my job. So if you want to create a banner for your blog or just put cool font over an image, go play with Canva. It's so simple and fun.

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