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The Only Kiko Dud - Make Up Fixer

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

So far I've had amazing experiences with Kiko. It has become one of my favourite affordable brands. There products are such high quality and really are worth buying. Except for one. I feel bad even saying this but the Kiko Make Up Fixer is a bit of a dud. And here is why...

Let preface by saying I had never tried a make-up fixing spray before. I know Urban Decay's version is beloved by a lot of bloggers. It is on the pricey side though so I thought the Kiko one might be an interesting way to venture into setting sprays without spending a fortune. It is only €7.90 after all. So great price, great brand. What could go wrong?

Unfortunately, I have one big, insurmountable issue with this stuff - the smell. After reading the instructions and strategically raising the can in front of my face, I naively sprayed. And oh god, it is awful. It reeks. It's like spraying a can of cheap hairspray from 1992 on my face! I had flashbacks from my childhood. Walking past my mothers room when she would be getting ready for an evening out and my asthmatic lungs choking on the overload of fumes. It was traumatic.

I can't even tell you if this works well at keeping makeup on for long periods of time. I just didn't care. I wasn't interested in using it again as I really didn't want a highly chemical smell going straight onto my face. For all I know this could be the best setting spray ever. It could make your make-up outlast a nuclear explosion. But I ain't interested. Sorry Kiko, this stuff stinks. Literally!

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