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Sunday, 31 May 2015

May was a great month! Lots of amazing things happened throughout and I'm sad to see it end. Of course to close off the month I'm doing the ubiquitous and requisite monthly favourites. We've got a bit of skincare and a bit of makeup. So let's sit down, have a cup of coffee and chat about some great products. 

Let's start with the makeup. It's always more fun! I've only two products and a new tool to talk about. The first is my Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blush in Cherub. I bought this around Christmas time and adored it. I used it for about a month but ya know, other blushes stole my attention. But now I'm back on the Daniel Sandler kick! You probably know the story with this one. It's got a water-like consistency that is like nothing else but once applied, it sets and gives the most natural, sublime glowy flush. It's unusual but lovely.

Kiko is the straight-up queen of affordable makeup. I love the brand and this lipstick has become one of my favourite go to nudes. It's called Colour2 Lipstick in 01 Keen Rosewood and sadly, I think it was limited edition. I love it because it is a two part lipstick. The centre is a moisturing gloss with the outer part being a traditional lipstick. On the lips, it just looks like a pink nude with a subtle shimmer. It's a great, inexpensive alternative and the packaging feels so high-end. Kiko done good again. Then there is my new Kevyn Aucoin Lash Curlers. I'm not going to say much about these as I just reviewed them. However, I'll just let you know that these are such a great tool for lashes and well worth a try.

Skincare wise, I've been truly impressed with the Ren ClearCalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask. I can honestly say that this has helped my skin. It's clearer and the annoying acne scars on my chin have faded quite a bit. It smells lovely and fresh and I think is a kick-ass little mask. My last product is the blogger favourite the La Roche Posay Serozinc Spray. To be honest I don't think this is revolutionary but I like it. And randomly so does my skincare-phobic boyfriend. I think he enjoys how light and refreshing it is. So for him, I'm giving it a thumbs up. 

My final favourite is a blog/person. Over the past few days, I've gained quite a few new followers thanks to Holly from Bloomin' Rouge giving my blog a little plug. I'm sure you guys all read her blog. Not only is it stunning but she is also a really lovely voice in the blogging community. Thank you Holly and thanks to everyone following me!

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