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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Ardell Individual Lashes - Medium review
I've had mixed experiences with false lashes. Strip lashes forget about it. I just can't deal with them. But individual lashes, now they have won me over. In the past, I've tried Tanya Burr's range and some other random brands. I found some were good and others well... not so much. Recently though, my local Boots has started selling Ardell lashes and I decided to pick up their Individuals and I love them!

What first drew me to these is that all of the lashes are the same length. It always irked me that when I bought a packet of individual lashes, there was a mix of short, medium and long. Personally, I end up using all of the short and medium and discarding the long as they are just a little too much for me. It was such a waste. These are all medium and are pretty much my preferred false lash length so I get my full monies worth.

Applying these is also a breeze. I used my tweezers and simply dip them in some lash glue and place two or three of them on the outer corners of my eyelashes. I found it just adds a subtle little somethin' somethin'. There is no mess or fussing about. Just fluttery, natural-ish looking lashes in seconds. They are pretty fool proof which is perfect for falsie noobs like me. 

My only grumble is that you don't get any lash glue with these guys. And as a very casual lash wearer who usually uses the glue that comes in the packet, I was a tad annoyed by this. Luckily, I had some leftover glue but I easily could have been left high and dry. They also are a little tricky to get out of the packet so a delicate touch was definitely needed. 

Slight niggles aside, I am loving these lashes. They are well under €10, they look beautiful and even I could apply them. I can definitely see them becoming an evening makeup staple on the rare occasions I go out past 8pm. If you are in the market for easy to use, comfortable and wearable lashes, I think these are your best option!

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  1. These sound great - I usually use LA academy or MAC but if these are available in Boots, then happy days :-)