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The Best Affordable Cream Shadows

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Cream eyeshadows and me, we just get each other. I find them remarkably simple to use, especially if you are not the best at blending shadow. While also lending themselves well to quick application. They are pretty much the whole package for me. I have a number of favourite cream shadow formulas and quite a few of them are by affordable brands. So let's have a chat about some of these great inexpensive gems. 

As you can see there is a bit of a colour theme with my shadows. What can I say? I love a muted brown! And my favourite shadows colour wise (not formula, that comes later) is the Maybelline Expression Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow - €10.49. I have two shades - On and On Bronze from the original line and Creamy Beige from the Leather Effect range. Both are gorgeous, wearable, everyday shades that add a lovely wash of colour over the lids that I love. The formula, as you've probably heard, is great. Long lasting and surprisingly blendable considering it's a rather hard consistency. Definitely worth the hype.

Sticking with the potted shadows, next is the Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eyeshadow - €9.99. I was very excited to try this when it was first released and was a bit underwhelmed by it to be honest. I have the shade Copper and it's a very sheer, mousse formula which I just wasn't expecting. I have grown to like this though. It doesn't kick off great colour but over other shadows, it adds amazing shimmer that looks lovely. Overall this one is good but not essential. 

(L to R Kiko in 06, Kiko in 38, Bourjois in 02 Brun Dadiste, Rimmel in Rich Russet, Maybelline in Creamy Beige, Maybelline in On and On Bronze, Max Factor in Copper)

Moving on to pencil/stick cream shadows. And for my money the Kiko Long Lasting Stick Shadows - €6.90 are the best of the bunch. These are so affordable and so good! I have two shades - 06 Golden Brown and 38 Golden Taupe and both are pretty kick ass. These are so easy to use, look amazing and last forever. In fact, when I was washing off my swatches these were the hardest to remove. They just don't budge. The shade range is also unrivalled as there are over 30 shades. Out of all of the shadows, these would be my top pick. 

Earlier this year, Bourjois released the Colorband 2-in-1 Eyeshadow & Liner - €7.99 and I was impressed with these little sticks. They give the Kiko a run for their money when it comes to lasting power and are really pigmented. I have the hue Brun Dadaiste and it is so opaque on the lids. My only gripe with these is that I found them a little tedious to blend. You do need to do some serious windscreen wiper action but once that's done, it looks great. 

My final pick is a bit of a controversial one. Some loved it. Others, well... not so much. I can see why the Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Paint might not be some people's thing. It has a weird applicator, it's a very wet formula and it doesn't fully set but I like it. I think it's because I love the colour Rich Russet. It's sheer and adds a nice subtle colour and shimmer. Every other colour is the range is a bit off but for me, this one is a beauty. 

What's your favourite cream shadow?

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