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The Eyelash Curler By Kevyn Aucoin

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

kevyn aucoin lash curlers review
A few weeks ago I had a realisation when picking up my lash curlers. After having them for a couple years, they were well... in less than perfect shape. In fact, they were downright grubby. My bf even seemed a little disgusted that they went near my eyes. It was in that moment that I decided to buy myself a shiny new one and I chose The Eyelash Curler by Kevyn Aucoin

I must admit this lash curler wasn't my first choice. I actually wanted to get Charlotte Tilbury's gorgeous rose gold one. But after visiting the makeup counter a few times without it being there, I was finally informed by one of the assistants that it had been recalled. So that was a definite no-go. Then I remembered hearing Kevyn Aucoin's one was pretty kick-ass and after trying it out, I can definitely say that it really is!

There are a few characteristics with this curler which I really like. It's quite rounded so it fits well into my deep-ish set eyes making it comfortable and fuss free to use. I also found that it opens really wide so you really can fit in and clamp every single lash to get a uniformed curled look. I'm not going to lie though. The first few times I used it I did pinch myself but I think after getting accustomed to the dimensions, it's now working like a charm.

I always find that applying my makeup is so much more enjoyable when you have good tools and I think this is a great tool. It lifts and curls exactly how I want. I'm impressed!

What's your lash curler of choice?

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