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A Few of My Favourite Blogs...

Sunday, 14 June 2015

a few of my favourite beauty blogs
I've never done a favourite blogs post before. I don't know what has taken me so long but here I am, trying to atone for my laziness by talking about some amazing blogs that I think are really lovely. I've got five to chat about and I urge you to go check each one out and see how great they are yourselves. 

Dinner With Maddie
I discovered Dinner With Maddie a while ago when she was blogging under a different alias and I have really admired her blog since. Her tagline is "Beauty, fashion, feminism, tea + biscuits. Wahey!" and that sums it up pretty accurately. I find it is her writing that sticks out to me the most as it's one of the few blogs I'm certain to read instead of skim. It's witty, quick and fun. Oh, and she has an incredibly watchable YouTube channel too. 

The Beauty Inbox
I thought I'd mention fellow Irish girl Becca from The Beauty Inbox because she is taking the Irish blogging world by storm. She recently won Newcomer of the Year at the Irish Beauty Blog Awards and it was well deserved. Her blog is beautiful and I really trust her reviews. I have bought many a product based off her recommendation and will continue to seek her beauty advice cos it's damn good!

Only a recent discovery for me but I loved Burkatron from the second I started reading. Part DIY, part fashion, part beauty, Caroline has curated a gorgeous hodgepodge of enviable content. She is really creative, takes gorgeous photos and her tutorials are actually quite easy so even DIY philistines like me can keep up!

Lissy Hayes
I find myself attracted to blogs with certain characteristics. Clean, simple, bright photos, great writing, and Lissy Hayes' blog pretty much ticks all those boxes for me. I love her layout, content and just think her blog is very pretty. It's just my kind of thing!

Makeup Sessions
Over the last few months, I've become a real fan of Beti's blog Makeup Sessions. Not only does this girl have gorgeous hair but her blog is gorgeous too. There is plenty of great reviews and equally lovely pictures that feature lots and lots of delicious marble backgrounds. I'm more than a little obsessed. 

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