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How To Rock A Daytime Bright Lip

Sunday, 21 June 2015

daytime bright lip
Until about six months ago I was not a daytime bright lip wearer. I guess I was a little intimidated by it, I thought it was a bit of a hassle and generally preferred to keep it very neutral. However, something has changed. I've discovered the joy of rockin' a daytime bright lip and now I can't get enough of it. But wearing a bright lip isn't that easy. It took me a while to figure out how to wear it right. So I've decided to pass on my tips about how to wear a daytime red lip and look like a boss!

Keep everything else simple
One of my main concerns about bright lips was thinking that I would look overdone. That people would look at me and think I was wearing far too much makeup. And I think that is a valid concern. Daylight is harsh and too much makeup can be very noticeable. To overcome this obstacle, I keep everything else simple.

I find having a light bb cream, concealer, mascara and blush is all you need when wearing a bright lip. It balances everything out and makes it look and feel a lot more casual. It's much more daytime fresh and effortlessly cool.

Go long lasting
Another fear of mine was having lipstick smeared all over my face. I hate when that happens and feel very self-conscious at the thought of it. To overcome this fear, I go for a long lasting lipstick. One that I've tested, trust, know it's not going to smudge around my face or fade in an attractive way and also isn't drying. The Nars and Maybelline pencils and the Bourjois liquid lipsticks are three of my long lasting favs.

Don't go too dark
This tip might just be for me, but I tend to steer clear of the super dark, vampy lips during the day. I'm very pale and when I mix this with minimal makeup and Charlotte Tilbury's Glastonberry, I tend to look unwell. It drains all colour from my skin. For me, I've discovered that a vibrant pink or red just looks a lot better. It makes me look bright, awake and healthy especially in the summer months. 

White shirt, tee and jeans
Just like the makeup, I tend to go very casual and minimal with my clothes to counteract a bright lip so I don't look over done. In fact to me there is nothing cooler than a slouchy white shirt, ripped jeans, some black Nikes and a red lip. Nothing gets better than that!

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