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My 10 Essential Tools For Blogging

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Essential Tools For Blogging

A few days ago I read Chaitra of PinkPot's post (who's blog is a well of knowledge btw) about some blogging tools that she couldn't live without. After reading it, I decided to take inspiration and compile a list of tools that I consider to be essential to blogging. These are mostly apps and I think there is about 10 so let's jump in and have a look...

For Images
I've already done a post on photo editing tools but I thought I'd do a quick overview of some of my favourites again. To be honest, I'm not very loyal to editing tools. For a single picture, I could use about two or three but two of my most used are Pixlr and Paint.net. I tend to switch between these two on a regular basis because both are great, free and are packed full of features. If you want to do some amazing creative stuff, these both allow you to do that. But if you just want to make your picture brighter, you can easily do that too.

Canva is one of my favourite tools for images. It basically enables a complete newbie to create awesome graphic designs. If you want to make a blog header, put cool text over your images, design social media icons, whatever you want, it's your best friend. 

For Social Media
When it comes to scheduling social media posts, there seems to be a divide between people who use Buffer and people who use Hootsuite. I've used both and I have to say I'm a Buffer girl. Not only is it easy to use when scheduling your tweets but you can also keep track of what's popular, how many clicks your posts are getting and see what your audience responds to best. I use it almost every day without fail.

For Organisation
I know there are quite a few organisation apps out there, but my favourite is Trello. It's basically a great tool that allows you to organise your thoughts and is designed with bloggers in mind. You can make to-do lists, jot down ideas for blog posts and have all of your information in one handy, organised place. 

For Proofreading
Raise your hand if you suck at proofreading?! Yup, me too. I'm always misspelling something, leaving out a word or forgetting those darn oxford commas. So to overcome this I have found a couple of apps that help. First, is Grammarly and this basically is your own personal grammar nazi. It's very easy to install and makes writing in Blogger a lot easier. 

Similarly to this is Hemmingway. This app not only corrects your grammar but also tells you how readable your posts are. It's an amazing tool for someone who tends to waffle on or is unsure about their writing as it can teach you some great basics about how to make something clear, add structure and more readable.

Another one I love is Natural Reader. Basically, this reads back your writing to you in a sexy computerized voice. You can clearly hear your spelling mistakes and also hear how your blog post sounds to your reader.

For Analytics
I'm always shocked by how many people (with big blogs) just use the Blogger stats for their analytics. I find them basic and unreliable. You need an analytics tool. Probably, the most common is Google Analytics. It's free, pretty easy to set up and works reasonably well. It's not my favourite, but it's one everyone can use and get a basic handle on who is coming to your blog.

There is my top 10 but please let me know what tools you use. I'd love to check them out!

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