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Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Yu

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Yu review
"Oh hey Emma, didn't you review the Nars lip pencils a few weeks ago?" Why yes, avid reader I did, thank you for noticing. But here we are again. Another one of these highly coveted lipsticks arrived on my doorstep last week. This time in the Satin shade Yu, and I'm equally enamoured by it so I thought it deserved a review of its own.

To be honest, I wasn't sure if I would like this as much as Dragon Girl, the other shade I own. That is a matte lipstick and conversely, Yu is part of their satin range. Usually, I am not a fan of non-matte brights and annoyingly, Nars don't do a widely available matte pink shade. But I have to say the second I applied this, I didn't care about it being satin, it was amazing.

Just like Dragon Girl, the colour is so vivid and bright. It just is the perfect pink pop. Not only is the colour so sumptuous but it is also really comfortable to wear, even more so than the matte version. It feels light, not drying at all and is generally just a pleasure to have on. And I also love that when you first apply it, it's quite shiny but it dries down to look semi-matte and stays put for hours.

I have to say I could not be more in love with these lip pencils. I feel silly for waiting so long to buy them and I can see myself buying more and more. They are just the dreamiest of dreamiest! Now, once again I just have to decide what shade to buy next. Suggestions???

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