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The Budget Brow Three

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

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Budget brow products used to have a terrible reputation. For some reason, the big, affordable brands couldn't get the shades right. They were always too warm or too dark or just a little off. Thankfully. those days appear to be over. I am finding that an increasing number of budget brands have caught on and are now making brow products that actually work. And right now I am using three that I rate pretty highly so let's chat about them...

My first products are from Eylure. I got some samples from them a few months ago, wasn't expecting much but these two products really stood out for me and I surprisingly fell in love. The Eylure Brow Pencil in Dark Brown is your traditional waxy pencil and I'm impressed with this for a few reasons. The colour is perfect for me. It's not too dark and has a greyish, cool undertone that really suits my brows. It's also quite a hard texture making it difficult to go crazy drawing hairs so it means I never go overboard and look like Sasquatch. And there is a great spooley on the end which is always appreciated.

My other Eylure product is a little different. It's the Brow Crayon and it's kind of an unusual one. I find it's akin to the Hourglass or Sleek arched brow products as you can use it to easily fill in your brows quickly and easily make them look a lot fuller. This, however, is a more of a traditional pencil shape so you can get a lot of detail too. It's the best of both worlds.

Lastly is the Maybelline Brow Drama. This stuff has been steadily building some traction on blogs and I've heard it's praises sung by a lot of people. It's a brow gel with a little tint and I'm so impressed with this. It works amazingly well on its own or paired with other products. It's an odd shape with a ball brush but it dispenses the perfect amount of gel. It also doesn't have a tremendous amount of pigment so it's really subtle in the brows.

I'm chuffed that more affordable brands have started making decent brow products and these three are such great quality. My brows have never looked better!

*PR samples included 

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