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Topshop Klaxon Cut-Out Shoes

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Topshop Klaxon Cut-Out Shoes
Fickle is nowhere near as strong a word needed to describe how I am about summer shoes. I’m a boots wearing, winter loving gal through and through so the idea of sandals doesn’t exactly sit comfortably with me. Maybe it's an Irish thing? This summer though, I'm sorted. Shockingly, I already found my shoes for this season and I'm quite chuffed with them. 

The shoes in question are the Topshop Laxon Cut-Out Shoes and I love them. They are a bit of a hybrid between a sandal and a shoe which suits sandal-phobic me perfectly. They are quite open and give the illusion of a sandal but are still relatively concealing (I'm sounding like a real foot prude, aren't I?). They are going to be great for wearing around town and even to work. Plus anything with gold detail has my heart!

What do we think? Are you feeling the shoe/sandal hybrid as much as I am?

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