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6 Types Of Blog Posts I Love To Read

Sunday, 12 July 2015

The more I blog, the more I realise my blogging tastes are evolving. I'm starting to hone in on the style of blog I enjoy following as well as the style of post I desire to read (and the ones to avoid!). And that is really nice. It makes for a more curated blog experience and generally, makes me a more content reader. Seen as my tastes have become more refined I thought I’d share them and let you guys know about the 6 types of blog posts that I love to read. And I'd love to know what is your favourite type of post to read too!

Monthly Favourites
I thought I’d start with a classic, but a goodie. Monthly favourites are one of the most consistently clicked on posts in my Bloglovin’ feed. They also happen to be the most popular posts on my blog too. I think the reason I find these so endearing is that you get a real sense of a blogger’s taste from one single post. You can see what they like, what they use and learn whether you will gel with their tastes. It’s a more in-depth peek into their beauty world and I like that.

Blogging Advice
There is nothing better than a good blogging advice post in my opinion. They have helped me out countless times and have made blogging so much less of a hassle for me. I feel that not enough people write blogging advice posts though. I think it’s probably because they think they don’t have any real advice to offer but you’d be surprised how much you know and how much it could help other bloggers too.

Beauty Hacks
Can you turn a spoon into an amazing eyeshadow applicator? Do you know how to make coffee into a magical face mask? If so, I want to know! These posts are so fun for me to read and they kind of embody the spirit of blogging. It's people sharing the little beauty things that not everyone knows and probably would never know if it wasn’t for blogging.

Home/ Interior Design
I'm going to chalk this one up to my obsession with Kate from Ghost Parties because I have become a serious fan of home interior posts. I love it when a blogger gives a sneaky look at their living space. It gives me inspiration for my own home and I get to look at pretty, pretty things.

Life Updates
Blogging is weird. You can steadily read a blog for years and still not even know a blogger's real name! It’s not the most intimate art in the world. And for that reason I really enjoy when a blogger gives me a little peek into their life with an update about their job, or their plans for the summer or anything really… For me, it's the best way to get a picture of someone. 

Favourite Blogs
I think a major failing of Bloglovin’ is that it isn’t the easiest place to discover new blogs. I often struggle to find blogs to follow and for that reason, I always appreciate someone sharing the blogs they love. I’ve unearthed countless blogs this way and I’m always grateful for a good blog recommendation!

Nothing revolutionary here but it's what I like. Let me know what your blog post of choice is!

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