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Thursday, 30 July 2015

This is the first month in a long time where I struggled to pick favourites. To be honest I've been snubbing my makeup for a bare face more often than not. I haven't bought any new products for a while and I even find myself feeling a little meh... about blogging over the past few weeks. I think I'm in the midst of a beauty funk. But I did manage to scrape the barrel and find a few products that have mildly pepped me up and made me think this beauty world isn't so bad after all. 

Earlier in the month I did a post on the new Stila Aqua Glow Watercolour Blush and I talked about how much I like it. And after using this one throughout the month, my love for it has really flourished. I have the colour Shimmering Lotus and am so smitten with it. You can check out my full review to read my overall thoughts, but damn, it's good. 

Another new Stila release is their Stay All Day Bronzer. I bought this a while ago and used it for a bit, but it didn't wow me. However, recently I've been finding myself reaching for it more and more. It's a very soft, velvety bronzer, that blends in really nicely and gives a lovely glow. I'll probably write a full review on this one as I like it so much. 

Next is the Nyx Butter Gloss in Tiramisu. I know lots of bloggers rave about these glosses and I was always curious, but never motivated enough to buy one myself. So when my sister bought me one for my birthday, I got to give it a good test and it's incredibly lovely. Non-sticky, delicious vanilla smell, gorgeous colour, I am so impressed with this gloss and it's super affordable too. 

Another affordable gem is the Maybelline Brow Drama. I've been really into super brushed up brows and this brow gel has been helping me achieve that look. I like that it dispenses minimal product, but still adds something and also holds my brows in place.

Last is unusually a hair product. I'm not really into hair stuff. I tend to find that aspect of beauty a little boring. But since I chopped my hair off, I've had to buy a few things in an effort to tame it. This Umberto Gianna Frizz Off Blow Dry Cream has worked best for me so far. It reduces frizz and has heat protectant in it. It's perfect for a lazy girl like me!

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