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Thursday, 2 July 2015

I cut my hair! I had been itching to get it done over the past few weeks as I hadn't got it cut since December. It had become far too long and unruly for me to handle. Washing it was an ordeal in itself. So in a moment of madness I decided to chop it all off. And now it's short. Real short.

The day I got it cut I must admit I was not happy. The hairdresser styled it straight and it looked freakin' terrible. I looked like a kid and as someone with extreme baby face, I was pretty down about it. Even when I showed my boyfriend, his reaction was "It's lovely..." in that high pitched, I'm trying to be nice but oh god, that's bad voice. But I wasn't to be defeated. I got a new curling wand, watched a few YouTube videos and now I'm slowly coming round to it.

It's still not my favourite cut and it's a real faff to style but I'm not too precious about my hair and I'm going to try rock the short lob-ish bob while I have it. And who knows, maybe in a few weeks I'll be loving it!

P.S. Forgive the slouchy jumper, sunnies and no makeup. I took this on Sunday and ya know, I'm lazy. 

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