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5 Products I Shouldn't Have Been Afraid To Try

Friday, 21 August 2015

For some reason, sometimes I am a little slow to embrace certain products. Maybe I think they aren't meant for my skin, maybe I think they'll be a hassle or maybe I just don't know what the heck to do with them. Whatever my justification, I put off trying them. But once I do finally take the plunge and test them out, I love them and curse myself for not trying them sooner. Today, I am going to be talking about these exact products and explaining why you shouldn't be scared to try products out of your comfort zone. 

Tinted Moisturisers/BB Creams
This one might seem silly but when I was younger I had the perception that wearing makeup meant wearing a heavy foundation. I thought that is what makeup was. You couldn't pry Revlon ColorStay out of my cold dead hands. And I stuck to buying this type of base for a while even though I didn't need a full coverage base. 

A couple of years ago that all changed. I decided to finally try a tinted moisturiser and boy, they are a beautiful thing. I kick myself at how long it took me to come around to trying one and now I am smitten. My favourites being the BareMinerals and the Dior BB Creme. They are pretty much the only base I now wear and I was dumb to ever doubt them. 

Cream Shadows, blushes, bronzers, highlighters...
Moving on to one that I think a lot of people are afraid to try - cream products. For some reason, I had a perception that cream products meant bad lasting powder, they would slide all over my face and generally thought powder is better. But I was wrong. Nothing makes me happier now than a cream shadow or highlight or blusher or whatever else. It looks so natural and glowy and feels so much more comfortable on my skin. For me, no one does cream products better then Illamasqua so try them out if you want to burst your cream cherry because cream really isn't anything to be afraid of. 

A clarifying mask
Having dry skin I always thought I only needed skincare products that really pumped hydration into my skin and because of this I pretty much just ignored everything else. However, no one's skin is 100% dry or 100% oily and I've learned that just because you're classed as one or the other, doesn't mean you can't explore what the other side has to offer. Now I know the value of a great clarifying mask like the Ren ClearCalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask. Used sparingly and only on the parts of the skin that need it, it can really help make your skin look better without being stripping or drying. 

Matte bright lipsticks
Even as close as a year ago, I was afraid of matte lipsticks. I loved the look and I wanted to be a Mac Ruby Woo girl, but the chalky formulas mixed with my dry lips didn't work for me. I also felt a little self-conscious wearing them so I resigned into thinking I just was a creamy nude girl. I was just being silly though, I now realise anyone can wear a bright matte, it's just the case of trial and error, and trying to find a formula that suits you best. Personally, I love myself a liquid lipstick akin to the Bourjois Velvet Rouge. You can't really feel them on the lips, they last for hours and they are effortless to wear. They are a cracker of a matte for a bright noob. 

Fake tan
I still have somewhat of a tumultuous relationship with fake tan. I try to embrace being the whitest, palest ghost in Ireland (and that is really saying something) but unfortunately it doesn't always work out. Finding makeup to match my natural colour is sometimes a struggle and going to an event and being a washed out white blur in pictures is never a hot look. So since I've discovered gradual tanner, I've been extremely happy. It's the perfect fake tan for scaredy-cat, pale girls like me as you are never going to get a ridiculously dark colour (unless you pack it on) and it is very simple to apply. What's not to love?

Are there any products you were afraid or put off trying? Let me know!

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