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Bowing Down To Muji Storage

Friday, 14 August 2015

I had always tried to avoid Muji storage. I have nothing against it, I just wanted to try and do something different and not follow the crowd when it came to storing my makeup. But finding a way to store makeup is really hard and my attempts to find an alternative yet functional storage solution wasn't working. So I bowed down, bought some Muji storage. And darn it, I must admit it works so well.

There are a few different options to go with in regards to Muji storage. I went for two of the acrylic wide drawers, with one being a flip top. I was a little nervous about how much makeup these would store as they don't look massive, but surprisingly I could fit a large chunk of it in. They couldn't fit everything and my palettes are still homeless, but the majority of my makeup packed in comfortably.

They aren't without their faults though. They can be a little fickle, get jammed and do get quite dirty. They also are a pain in the butt to photograph! I attempted to snap them so many times and just couldn't get them to look nice. But these are just trivial problems and I now completely see the appeal of these. It's so much easier to find my makeup and also switch up what I'm using every day. Everything is nice and neat and I'm so happy with them. Now if I could just figure out how to store my palettes. Suggestions?

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