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Doughs Before Bros & Other Things...

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Hello! I'm back from my little trip to London. I went to lots of parks, ate at a fancy vegetarian restaurant, drank lots of coffee and generally had a blast. Of course, I also did a little bit of shopping. I did pick up a few beauty bits, although not as many as I'd hoped for. In fact, I walked into Kiko and immediately turned around and left because it was so crowded. But that's another story... Today, I'm talking about my favourite purchases and they both happen to be from TopShop!

It probably seems silly for me to go to TopShop in London considering there is so many of them in Dublin, but TopShop in London is on another level. I am well jell as it was massive and had lots of stuff that we don't have. So basically I want to move there and spend all of my time looking at pretty, pretty things. 

My first purchase is one that you probably have already seen if you follow me on social media. When I posted a picture of it I got quite a few inquiries about it and that's because it is the most kick-ass t-shirt ever! It's just a simple tee that has the silly caption "Doughs before bros" on it, but my god no truer phrase has ever been uttered! As a donut lover, I really appreciate the sentiment and since I've bought it I pretty much have lived in it. If you are looking to get this tee, you may miss it. It's a petite exclusive so only a select few can savour its amazingness. But if you do get it, welcome to the doughs before bros club!

The second item I bought is a much more grown-up purchase. We've gone from silliness to classy with this gorgeous necklace. I own very few jewellery bits and when I see something I like I try to pick it up as I do think they really add to an outfit. It's a simple V pendant necklace by Orelia and I just adore its minimalism. It's definitely something I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of.

Welp, that is my two TopShop bits. On my travels I also went to & Other Stories, H&M Home (yup, I bought that marble plate #bloggercliche), and Liberty's Beauty Hall where bought myself some other lovely items which I'm sure you'll be seeing over the next few weeks. But right now I'm all about the doughs before bros, am I right?

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