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Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist review

Pixi is a little hard to come across in these parts. You can, of course, buy it online, but sometimes it’s just nice to see something in person and nonchalantly look around an actual store to get a feel of what you like. So when I happenstance stumbled upon a Pixi store in London I was very excited and spent far too much time in there. I did manage to buy a few things, but one item was an immediate hit and has stood out from the rest – the Makeup Fixing Mist

It’s probably a little soon for me to be writing a review on this. I have only had this for a week and a half, but sometimes you just instantly know you like a product. You can skip the tedious testing and immediately declare “I love you”. And that is what has happened between me and this setting spray. 

You guys probably already know the low down with setting sprays. You just do a few pumps before doing your makeup, after you’re finished or during the day for a little refresher. I personally have been using it before I apply makeup, which is lovely as it is really invigorating and just wakes up your skin. I also use it in lieu of powder all over my face after I’m finished caking everything else on. To be honest, I’m not sure if it helps my makeup last that much longer. It’s more of a spray that makes your makeup look less makeup-esq. It's natural, slightly dewy skin in a bottle and that is a beautiful thing.

Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist review

As charming as it is it’s not without its issues though. First being is that the spray isn’t as fine as I would like. It can feel like you are getting blasted in the face with a 90’s era super soaker. So I find you have to hold it quite far away to avoid that unpleasantness. Also, the second ingredient listed is alcohol and that is a bit of a turn off for someone with dry skin, but so far it hasn’t had an adverse effect on me. And if you compare it to something like the Urban Decay setting sprays, the ingredients are a lot more favourable, making it probably a safer bet. 

Other than those little hiccups, I am smitten. The benefits for me outweigh any negatives with ease. It feels lovely, makes your makeup look so perfected. Oh and its cruelty-free. Overall, I’m a happy bunny with this one. 

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