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Stila Stay All Day Bronzer

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Stila Stay All Day Bronzer review

A sure sign that you like a product is how faded the embossing is. And although this picture doesn't do it justice, the embossing on this Stila Stay All Day Bronzer is well and truly faded. I've been having a bit of a Stila moment of late and this is definitely one of my fav products I've found from them so far.

What makes a good bronzer to me is options. As a pale girl, usually bronzers are too dark for me. But thankfully Stila is offering three shades of this one. I have light and it's a stellar one for pale girls. It's that great combination of not being too orangey, but also isn't too cool and muddy either. It certainly isn't the palest bronzer out there and when compared with say The Body Shop's Honey Bronzer, it is a darker tone, but for summer it gives a gorgeous summer bronze to fair skin. 

Stila Stay All Day Bronzer review
Stila Stay All Day Bronzer review

What stands out most to me is the texture. It feels freakin' lovely. It's a really soft, velvety powder that doesn't feel chalky. Because it feels so soft, it looks great on the skin, It's never cakey or powdery. It just glides on with an effortless smoothness. I also like the pigmentation. I really dislike when bronzers are super strong in colour as I tend to just be a little over zealous and put too much on. This is quite light and there is no risk of overdoing it. It's natural looking and I like it that way. 

Even though I really like this bronzer, I do feel like it's not perfect. I'm still unsure about the validity of it's "stay all day" claims and the packaging is a little disappointing. I do love the big pan, but it's made of plastic and when compared with my other Stila products, it feels a little cheap and lacking in any wow factor. And for a product that's over €30, I think it should just be a little more special. 

Who cares about packaging though as long as the product is good, right? And this is! For summer, it's been my go-to bronzer. It's natural, light-weight, matte and for a sun-kissed glow, it's my guy right now. Great job Stila! You done good!

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