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5 Tips To Help You Keep Your Beauty Collection Under Control

Friday, 28 August 2015

The days where every beauty blogger had a huge, enviable beauty collection are gone. It seems like more and more bloggers are recognising that it's nice to have a smaller, more refined collection that you love and will actually use. But achieving a restrained beauty collection is easier said than done. It takes a lot of willpower not to go into Boots when it's 3 for 2 and  buy everything new insight! So to hopefully help you out, I've decided to share my rules about how I attempt to keep my collection concentrated and not full of rubbish I never use.

The One In, One Out Policy
The one in one out policy is a great one to live by. It's a simple yet effective mantra that means you can't buy another product of that type without using up the one you already have. I am really fond of this rule when it comes to skincare as it's relatively easy to use up a moisturiser or a cleanser without much pain and then replace it when it's done. Makeup... well it doesn't work as well. It can take months/years  to fully use a product and I like options so I tend to only use this with skincare. But for that, it works a treat. 

Only have as much as your storage can hold
I live in a tiny flat so storage is limited. I have 2 shelves of Muji storage (plug! which I just blogged about), 3 brush holders, a lipstick holder and 3 baskets that are all in a cabinet in my room. That is the space I have decided to allot for my beauty products and I am sticking to it. If something doesn't fit, then tough, I don't get it. I find having this limited space makes me think much more about what I actually use and what I can buy. It stops me from shopping frivolously and keeps everything a lot more refined. 

Don't use it? Donate, giveaway or recycle
No matter what, it's inevitable that some of the makeup you buy isn't going to be used. Maybe you don't like it, maybe you have something better or maybe you just haven't bothered to get rid of it. Whatever the reason, it's sitting there collecting dust in the corner, why?! Why don't you give it to friends or to a charity? Someone else is bound to like it so why bother hold onto something you don't use?

Don't buy multiples
Already have something similar? Don't buy another one! This is a lesson I still haven't learned. I don't even know how many brown eyeliners I have or how many matte pink lipsticks I still want, but I'm trying to stop myself buying 10 of the same thing. Slowly but surely I'm getting better though at asking myself "Don't I already have something similar to this?"

Don't just buy for the sake of blogging
My final tip is in response to a problem I think so many bloggers have. You buy just because you need something to blog about. I've done it in the past. I felt pressure to have something amazing to blog about and I didn't need it. I've stopped doing this and I feel so much happier now. It does mean I do have to be a little more creative in my content as I don't always have a product to talk about, but it feels good not to be wasting my money on things I don't need!

What do you think about having a smaller, more refined makeup collection? Got any tips about how you keep your collection under control?

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