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Autumn Is The Best Season. Here's Why...

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Autumn Is The Best Season. Here's Why...

Autumn is officially here. The weather has turned, the berry tones are coming out, Starbucks has started selling those gross pumpkin drinks and I am so happy about that. I have always been an Autumn/Winter, cold weather person. I'm pale, I have dark hair, dark eyes, it's a time of year that's made for me. Although I love Autumn, I have seen a lot of blogger gloom about Summer being over so I thought I'd make a list of why Autumn is so gosh darn good in an effort to try and win the naysayers over. 

Dark lips
Does anything look more badass  than a girl rockin' a deep berry lip? No! And Autumn is the perfect time to crack those colours out. Sure in Summer you have bright oranges and corals, but for me I think deep berry colours are so much more appealing. I've already started wearing my Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Glastonberry and I just got another berry shade from The Balm, which I'm very excited about. Bring on the berries!

Scarves, coats and heavy jumpers are my jam. I revel in buying them every year. When I receive that email from ASOS saying that their A/W collection is out, I immediately click through. It's the best. At the moment, I am spending far too much time trying to pick out the perfect cosy scarf and I think I have it narrowed down to this one, thoughts?

Bronze toned shadows
If I'm not wearing a deep lip, I'll probably be wearing a bronze shadow. Sure you can wear bronze shadows all year round, but don't they look best in Autumn? A shimmery bronze, blended all over the eyelid is such a classic look and when paired with a big scarf, nothing looks better. 

Your makeup stays put
I have dry skin and I don't live in a very hot country, but I still find it a battle to keep my makeup on during the warmer months. It's annoying! Being on the tram, heading to work and feeling my foundation melting off my face isn't fun. In Autumn, I never have to worry about that. I simply use a bit of setting powder, maybe a setting spray and I have piece of mind and that feels good.

I've mentioned this before, but I hate sandals. I am a boots wearer through and through and in particular love a good pair of Chelsea boots. I've already got a new pair ordered and I think they are the easiest and most effortless way to look cool and put together. I couldn't imagine my Autumn wardrobe without them.

Hot, black coffee
Coffee is my love. Especially a hot cup of black coffee. But in the Summer it is always too muggy to carry around a cup. Instead, you're expected to order something iced. And yeah... they are okay, but snuggling up with a hot cup of coffee when it's cold outside is such a lovely feeling. It can't be beat.

Who's with me? Are you an Autumn, cold weather lover like me or are you sad to see Summer go? 

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