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The Trials And Tribulations Of A Lush Noob

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

I've never been a Lush person. I've always wanted to be, but my overactive immune system likes to set off it's sirens when I go in there and I sneeze about a gazillion times. Over the weekend though, I was strolling by and I thought that today was the day that I was going to finally go in and attempt to buy some of their goodies. So I dashed in, rudely cast off the over attentive staff and quickly picked up three things that I thought I might like. And today I am going to share what I got with you to see what you guys think.

My first pick is one I chose because I liked the smell. I'm not really into Lush's scents to be honest so when I found something that I thought smelt good I decided to grab it and it's the Cup O' Coffee Face and Body Mask. This is an exfoliating mask with little coffee grounds within that makes your skin soft and smooth. It says to leave it on for 10-15 minutes, then rinse off, massaging the scrubbing coffee grounds away. Depending on how gentle this is, I'm not sure if it will be suitable for my face, as I'm not too keen on physical scrubs for my face, but I'll give it a whirl on my body and see how it goes. 

On to a shower cream and this one is called Yuzu and Cocoa. It is the possibly the most unattractive greenish yellow I've ever seen and it's stinking up my lovely photo! I bought this one more for my boyfriend than for me as the scent is apparently chocolate orange and he loves that. When I smell it now, I think I get more of a coconut fragrance, but that's beside the point. I'm intrigued by this as it's a shower cream as opposed to a gel and I'm told that it is a much more nourishing on the skin which sounds perfect for me.

Lastly, I picked out the Ayesha Fresh Face Mask. This really appealed to me as its description made it seem like a jack of all trades. It moisturises, brightens, clarifies and tightens the skin. I've read a lot of reviews saying that this mask isn't the nicest smelling, but if it does a fraction of what it says it does, I'll be happy because they all sound great.

So as a Lush newbie, how did I do? What products do you recommend as I'd love to get more into the Lush brand?

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