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The Perfect Autumn Palette

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Perfect Autumn Palette.The balm nudetude palette

Over the last few weeks, I've been voraciously pinning and stalking pictures that epitomise the "Autumn" look. You know, that dark lip, bronzey eye thing. Now I have the dark, berry lips down, thanks to The Balm and Charlotte Tilbury. But I had to put my palettes to the test in order to find the perfect autumnal palette and I think I may have found it in the form of The Balm's NudeTude

Funnily enough, I think I bought and reviewed this palette this time last year. And even though I loved it, I kind of forgot about it. Now though, I am firmly back on the NudeTude train. The reason why I'm so drawn to it is because of four beautifully Autumnal shades. And those are Standoff-ish, a pinkish shimmer akin to Stila's Kitten, Seductive, a shimmery golden bronze, Sophisticated, a dark bronze and Sexy, an amazing brownish, cranberry.

These used in unison, individually or mixed and matched are amazingly autumnal. As you can see Seductive is probably my most used shade. It's one of those pop it on, blend and go shades that I am a big fan of. I also love all of the colours with Sexy in the crease. This is a shade I'd normally be a little skeptical of because it is such a dark, berryish tone. But used sparingly and paired with a dark lip, it looks lovely.

I guess I should mention that the quality of each shadow is top notch too. Blendable, pigmented and all that good stuff. It also has a great mix of mattes, shimmers and neutral tones. It's basically the perfect Autumn palette and is satisfying my craving for bronze tones.

Is anyone else into the bronzed, autumnal eye look? What is your palette of choice?

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