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Catrice Glam & Doll Volume Mascara Waterproof

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Catrice Glam & Doll Volume Mascara Waterproof review

Waterproof mascara is never something I want to buy, rather it's something I need to buy. It is one of those unfun products that I only need at stressful times like job interviews or when I'm going to probably cry in public. Unfortunately, I had one of those times recently. I had no choice but to buy a waterproof mascara. And not wanting to pay a fortune I went for a very budget friendly option from Catrice. So did it warm my heart to waterproof mascaras? Well maybe... just a little...

The mascara I decided to try was Catrice's Glam & Doll Volume Mascara Waterproof. There are a few reasons why I went for this one. First being that Vivianna Does Makeup recommended it and that girl has got some good lashes. Second, is that I was once a little flippant about Catrice as a brand, but after trying and loving their Liquid Camouflage Concealer I wanted to see what else the brand had to offer. And third, this stuff is cheap! Like way under a fiver cheap! A good mascara for under 5 bucks?? Sign me up.

So what about the product? Well, it's quite nice actually. In fact, I'm surprised by how much I like it. Despite the name, it's much more of a fluttery, lengthening mascara, rather than a volumizing one and I really like that look. It separates amazingly and there is no clumping. It just delivers a very pretty lash look. I also love the wand. It is a skinny plastic wand and I find that they are great for someone like me. A short lashes girl who needs a tool that can get right into the lash line and coat every lash.

Being a waterproof mascara, it's a given that this stuff stays put all day. It doesn't smudge or run. There is no dreaded panda eyes or flaking and it stays put even through tears. Because it lasted so well all day, I was dreading the moment I had to take it off. I assumed I would have to scrub my eyes and it would be a pain in the butt to remove, but it wasn't. It came off so easily. I was so pleasantly surprised.

I have to admit, this mascara has really changed my mind about waterproof mascaras. I can't really fault it. It looks amazing, it's cruelty-free and it's so affordable! It's another winner from Catrice. 

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