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Winter Blogging Goals

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Winter Blogging Goals

Over the Summer, I wrote about my blogging goals. Some I achieved, others... not so much. But my goals have definitely changed and grown over the last six months and I now want to achieve different things. Therefore, I decided to do an update and talk about what my blogging goals are right now. Once again, they aren't significant or life-changing, rather little challenges for myself to achieve over the coming months. 

Get back on schedule
You may or may not have noticed, my blogging rate has significantly decreased over the last few months. I was once a three times a week kinda girl, but that has dropped. Now it's once or twice a week and I'm not happy with that. There are a few reasons why my output has slowed down.

One is I get very frustrated taking pictures, especially when it's so dark out, so I often don't post. Second is that I haven't been buying a lot of beauty products. And third is that life just got in the way. I'm hoping for that to change and fully get back into the three times a week schedule. 

Improve my images
When is this not a goal, eh? But recently I've really been hating my pictures. They are so samey and just bleh. And I think if I take another mediocre flat lay I may just slap myself in the face. In fact, I've become such a whiny, validation seeking photographer. Every time I take a snap, I have to show it to my boyfriend and constantly ask "Is this good enough?". I'm annoying! And I need to change.

From now on I'm going to try and experiment with my pictures. I want them to be a little more interesting, minimalist and unique. To help me become a better photographer, I'm taking inspiration from Anna and attempting to do Project 365. And I encourage all budding photographers to do it too!

Be better on social
This is one I'm still not sure about, but I'll stick it in any way. I don't particularly enjoy posting on social media and I think that is pretty obvious when you look at how active I am. Even though I'm like the chillest person ever for some reason it gives me anxiety to post an opinion or even my face. And I don't know why this happens!

But for a blogger, my Twitter and Instagram are kind of pathetic. I never post anything interesting. It's all just rehashed stuff from my blog and it's boring. I'd love to put more of an effort into taking unique Instagram pictures and actually chat to people on Twitter. I feel like the likelihood of this one happening is slim to none, but I can pretend to try, right?

Up my cruelty-free game
If you read my recent post "Grab a Coffee & Let's Chat About Going Cruelty-Free" you'll know that I am now a cruelty-free blogger. And I am very excited about that. However, I feel a little lost when it comes to cruelty-free beauty and I would love to delve deeper into that world and become a competent voice in cruelty-free beauty.

Become a better writer
Writing is kind of the overlooked part of blogging. Pictures and blog design come first and writing skills are a distant second. But I love to write. It's part of my job in IRL and I think I'm mediocre at best. I'd love to elevate my writing to a higher level. Maybe try to be a bit more verbose, start using a few more sesquipedalian words and generally, me want to write good, gnome sane?

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