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Adding To My Jewellery Collection

Thursday, 14 January 2016

I bought a couple of jewellery pieces recently and I am smitten with them. I rarely buy jewellery, but these two are right up my alley. They are both gorgeous and I thought I'd take a few pictures and show them off because I think they are so gosh darn pretty!

My first new piece is this gold ring. It's a Whistles piece that is exclusive to ASOS and I adore it. It's got a sharp, diamond shaped design set into a slim band. It's dainty, yet edgy at the same time. Ever since I got it I have consistently wore it and received numerous compliments. I'm totally in love with this one. 

I also got a more trendy piece - an ear cuff. I am obsessed with ear cuffs and long time readers may remember I bought a rather expensive ear cuff about a year ago and wore it all the freakin' time. Unfortunately, it broke. And although this is nowhere near as gorgeous as my old ear cuff, I still think it's really cool. Once again it's gold and quite dainty but slightly rock chick at the same time. It goes particularly well paired with the ring and I am really happy with these two additions to my little jewellery collection.

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