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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The Balms' Time Balm review

Primers aren't really my thing. I never use them. I never buy them. However, some occasions call for one. Like weddings. I attended one last week and I wanted a primer that made my skin look flawless, made my makeup last all night and also didn't dry out my skin. After lots of research, I decided on a Too Faced primer. But... it was sold out. So I went for the closest cruelty-free option in the store, The Balms' Time Balm.

Inadvertently this primer had a really big test to overcome. A few days before the wedding, I applied fake tan and I proceeded to have a horrible allergic reaction. My neck and chin were (and still are) covered in itchy red bumps. Not a good look. I really needed a good primer to sort out the texture and make everything look a little less icky and red. And I must admit this one made a pretty valiant effort.

The Balms' Time Balm review
The Balms' Time Balm review

As for the primer itself, there is nothing particularly revolutionary about the texture or formula. It’s your typical silicon based primer that is really slippy to the touch. It aims to fill in pores, even out skintone and texture and make makeup last longer, just what I needed. I found it did a great job at preparing my skin for makeup. It glided over my pores and unsightly bumps to give a much smoother look to my skin. It really did help my skin look a little more normal and I'm very thankful for that.

It didn’t irritate my skin either. It was very sensitive when I applied it and it didn’t exacerbate the problem at all which was a big sigh of relief. My makeup did seem to last a little longer too. Although I must admit I wasn’t particularly observant after the 5th or 6th glass of wine. But my blurry reflection in the mirror, when I got back to the hotel room looked pretty good so I’m going to give it a plus on that front too.

Price wise this is also reasonable. I think it was around €25. Not inexpensive, but certainly a lot cheaper than a lot of other products out there. Overall, it's a big thumbs-up for me. It's not a product I'll reach for every day or even a product that I think is revolutionary, but when my skin needs a little helping hand, I'll definitely slap it on. It's simply a good, reliable staple that I'm happy to have in my beauty drawer.

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