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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Sleek Brow Perfector Rview, Sleek brow Gel Review, Emma and the beauty blog

Brows have become an obsession of mine. I'd happily sit in front of the mirror for hours on end just filling them in, but I don't have that kind of time. In reality, they need to be done in 30 seconds flat. That's why I love brow gels - particularly pigmented gels. If the formula is right, they can be a one product wonder and thankfully, I may have found another one of these wonders courtesy of Sleek. 

I was compelled to buy Sleek's Brow Perfector for a couple of reasons. One, I'm always searching for a great brow gel and two, I love Sleek's brow products, with their Eyebrow Stylist being a personal favourite. Sleek is also a brand that caters to the thrifty and cruelty-free makeup lover so I had more than an inkling that I would be a fan of this. 

The product comes in three shades - clear, light brown and dark brown. Being the raven-haired chick that I am I went with dark brown and it's a great match. It doesn't have any orange undertones (a big brow bugaboo of mine) and it's not too dark either. It's that perfect brown-ish grey colour that works so well on dark hair. 

Sleek Brow Perfector Rview, Sleek brow Gel Review, Emma and the beauty blog

The formula is superb too. Considering my brow product rubric - fill, tame, set - it does a smashing job. It's pigmented enough that it fills my brows in really well. On lazy or rushed days, I can even skip using a brow pencil if I want. It also adds a piecey, textured looked to my brows, while setting and shaping them at the same time. And there is no horrible crispy feeling which is always a plus! 

The packaging may be its only fault as the wand doles out far too much product. If you aren't careful it can get messy and go on your skin, staining like a mo'fo. You just have to be diligent about taking off the excess to avoid any annoying mishaps. I also find the packaging to be a little plain and unassuming. You'd be forgiven for passing over it in the store, but it's dainty, yet sturdy so I guess it is a perfect product to throw (and get lost) in the bottom of your makeup bag. 

All things considered, this is a great little brow gel. It's inexpensive, quick to use and simply works a treat. Another winning brow product from Sleek. Have you tried this or have a fav brow gel I should know about? 

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