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Lessons Learned From Being 6 Months Cruelty-Free

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Lessons Learned From Being 6 Months Cruelty-Free, emma and the beauty blog

For the past six months, I’ve been cruelty-free, give or take a few weeks. It’s been fun with some aspects fitting easily into my lifestyle, but it’s also been challenging and I’m still trying to find my feet in the cruelty-free world. Over that time, I have learned a lot, my perspective on being cruelty-free and what a cruelty-free brand is has changed and I thought I’d share that with you guys today. If you are thinking about going cruelty-free, already are cruelty-free or don’t give a feck and just want to have something to read, this is the blog post for you!

It’s hard to say goodbye
As silly as it is, I was really quite sad to say goodbye to a few products. The ol’ standbys I had repurchased over and over again. I knew they worked for me, I knew where to get them and I relied on them. I’ve noticed for some products I’m savouring every last drop, only using them on “special” occasions and generally treating them like some sort of precious metal. I don’t want to say goodbye!

Brands aren’t honest
God dammit, brands are sneaky! They try hard to hide the fact that they aren’t cruelty-free and it makes it so difficult to decipher who is really cruelty-free and who isn’t. Over the past few months, I’ve started to wise up to the tricks brands play to cover their non-cruelty-free status. Giving long, verbose answers to simple questions, stating they are against animal testing, yet still doing it. The semantics and wordplay are amazing.

No more crazy Boots hauls
I was once a victim of the unexpected Boots haul. I’d go in for something standard like toothpaste and BOOM! I’d walk out with 100 quid worth of makeup. I am happy to say that that has completely stopped since becoming cruelty-free simply because there are very few brands to buy from. Of course, that means that it is harder to find readily available cruelty-free makeup, but no more impulse buys is a good thing, right?

Sometimes you get well jelly
I’m not going to lie, there are more than a few products that have been released that my heart ached for and I couldn’t get them. MAC’s liquid lipsticks, new Bourjois liquid lipstick shades and basically every other liquid lipstick all have been products I’ve wanted to try and I’m jelly of those who do.

You can’t just pop out and pick up a lot of products
Probably the most irritating aspect of being cruelty-free is how difficult it is to find easily accessible, everyday things. For me, I’ve found it really taxing trying to find a good, easy to find cruelty-free hair care. Just popping to the local shop is longer an option so I'm learning to be more organised and stock up on any good cruelty-free finds.

Organic, cruelty-free does not mean vegan
I feel a little silly for not realising this, but cruelty-free does not mean it is vegan or even vegetarian. Numerous cruelty-free brands still use pretty obvious non-vegan things in cruelty-free makeup and those products can still be considered cruelty-free so watch out!

You can’t find exact cruelty-free replicas
When I first turned cruelty-free I had a certain idea of what it would be like in my head. I thought if I liked something, all I had to do was find the cruelty-free version as if there was a perfect cruelty-free facsimile out there of my favourite beauty products that I just needed to find. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Finding something even similar is difficult. I’ve had to learn that most of the time I’ll have to try and find something different, but just as good as opposed to an exact, magical copy that was cruelty-free.

My eyes are open to new brands
It’s a sad fact that some of the bigger brands aren’t cruelty-free so as a beauty lover I have to look elsewhere. You have to hunt out alternatives and I have to say I've really enjoyed this. It's fun to discover new brands that have a cult following or that I know nothing about at all. I'm uncovering a whole new world of beauty and loving it!

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