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Going Au Naturel With Odacite's Serums

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

I'm a bit of a natural beauty philistine. It is something I am interested in, but I'm quite clueless about the whole thing. In an effort to expand my natural beauty horizons, I discovered Odacite. They are a brand that specialises in pure plant serum concentrates and they cater to a number of skin concerns making them sound like a real winner to me.

I decided to try two of Odacite's oils - the Hydration Serum Concentrate and Eye Contour Serum Concentrate. Interestingly, with Odacite, you can buy a few of their serums and mix them together to find your perfect skincare balance which is an idea that I am really attracted to. The oils are supposed to be applied twice daily and can also be used in a couple of ways. The first is to add 2-3 drops of the oil to your moisturiser and the other is to use them alone, atop a facial mist for a more intensive treatment and personally, I did both.

The Hydration Serum Concentrate is the serum I use all over my face. Astonishingly, it only has three ingredients - pomegranate oil, rose geranium essential oil and vitamin E oil - all of which are certified organic. While reading about this one, there were quite a few comments about this being a little stinky and I'm not going to lie it smells... real bad. However, once mixed with my moisturiser, it was a lot more tolerable.

I'm also willing to risk a smelly face, for hydration and this worked reasonably well. It is quite a heavy, oil-like serum that really takes it time to sink in and because of this, I found it was only suitable to use at night, even though it is meant to be used twice a day. As for results, they weren't mind blowing, but they weren't unremarkable either. I loved that it didn't leave any oily residue and my face certainly was less dry and more nourished, but it wasn't a "I need to touch my face because it feels so amazing" serum if ya know what I mean. It's simply a pleasant, albeit pungent oil that I'd happily keep using.

Compared to the Hydration Serum, the Eye Contour Serum Concentrate has a lot more ingredients, with the main oils being sarsaparilla and wildcrafted baobab (whatever that means!) and I think it smells infinitely better. I also think it worked much better for my skin. I wanted this to help with the beginnings of fine lines and stop my concealer from creasing - an issue that I struggle with - and I think it actually worked. I noticed that my concealer went on smoother, it didn't cake as much and generally looked more natural.

I can see natural beauty lovers and skincare aficionados enjoying these serums. They are expensive puppies at £33 each for these teeny tiny bottles, but you are buying a product that you know exactly what's in it and you can mix and match them to find the perfect serum for your skin. I'm certainly going to experiment a bit more with Odacite and if you like serums, and natural products, I'd suggest you do to. 

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