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Hi, I’m Emma and welcome to Emma & the Beauty Blog. 

My story is probably quite a familiar one for most women. I was a makeup newbie and very overwhelmed by the whole world around it. In an effort to learn more I turned to YouTube, typed in makeup tutorial and then fell down the beauty rabbit hole. After a couple of years, I decided to join in the fun and set up Emma & the Beauty Blog, the comprehensive and encyclopaedic compendium of all things beauty. I'm also happy to announce that as of August 2015, my blog is cruelty-free!

As for the girl behind the blog, I’m in my twenties, I work as a business blogger and live in a tiny flat in lovely Dublin, Ireland with my boyfriend (of 10 years!), Davie. You can find us adventuring around, drinking coffee, eating brunch and debating whatever pop culture thing we are into at that moment. 

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Just a little disclaimer:
All posts are created by myself (Emma). I write as honestly as possible. All content belongs to me. Please contact me if you have any questions.